donderdag 17 november 2011


Hi guys! I haven't blogged for more than one month now and I'm missing it a lot! But all the changes in my life right now are not that blog-able as they have nothing to do with fashion and stuff.. And I don't want to turn this blog into an marriage and interior blog.

But I thought it was time for an quick update: I found my dream wedding dress three weeks ago, I really had that WOW feeling when I tried it on.. I also have a new job since one week, I miss my previous work and colleagues a lot but I think this new job can be my dream job! And last but not least: I'm making a wish-list for NYC for next year and it is getting longer and longer haha! In May 2012 it will be exactly one year without shopping (my last shopping spree was in Milan last April) so you can imagine how excited I allready am! I will show you guys my wish-list for so far in the next post.

But until then we are spending our money on other things, like this lamp 'Josephine' from designer Sander Mulder we are very proud of! Josephine will get her own corner in the living room and will match perfectly with the La Marie chairs.

maandag 3 oktober 2011


In one of my favorite magazines they sometimes have a 'this or that' page. Most of the time it's about a gorgeous designer bag vs. an whole outfit for the same price. That's my inspiration for this post, a rock-bohemian outfit with great items vs. the Kartell La Marie chairs by Phillipe Starck.

What would you pick?

I allready made my choice, I went for 6 of these amazing chairs! What you see in the collage: Alice by Temperley cape, J. Crew top, Isabel Marant wool leggings, See by Chloe bag, Diane Von Furstenberg scarf, Etro earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella, Belle Sigerson Morrison boots, all from

woensdag 21 september 2011


The last two weeks we had a lot of stress, but there is no need for that anymore, because we bought the house!!! My fiancé made these images of our house, as it is his daily job to design and make houses and buildings.

Let me guide you guys trough the house:

First floor 1: a long corridor with toilet, livingroom with kitchen and built-in pantry.

First floor 2: one of the things I love about this house is that it has a super big sliding to the garden. I always wanted a livingroom with big windows and this easy passage to the garden is a plus!

Second floor 1: a large hall with 2 big bedrooms. The room with the bed will be our bedroom, the other room will be our walk-in closet. The little space next to our bedroom is for our washer and dryer. The bathroom is in the middle of these two rooms and next to the bathroom we have a closed closet, perfect for our towels and other supplies, so the bathroom can stay as empty as possible.

Second floor 2: view from the garden side. I'm thinking about putting my make-up table in that corner of our bedroom, but I'm not sure yet.

Third floor: a large floor with lots of space, we will divide it into an office for my soon to be hubbie and a laundry and sport room for me.

Front and rear: with front yard and backyard, had to cut off a big part of the backyard so it would fit in the image. It's our first house together and it's big for just the two of us, but it gives us the proof that we can make our dreams come true!

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011


Yesterday we had our second appointment at the house we're eying, if everything goes well it might become our future home! I've allready decorated it in my mind and one room will be my walk-in-closet for sure!

Everything goes so fast, it's work work work, future house house house, sleep sleep sleep right now.. Forgive me for not posting guys!

woensdag 10 augustus 2011


I really tried.. to find make-up I like for less euro's to save money for the big day, but after spending almost as much on things that didn't work for me I returned to my all time favorites! The only thing I did change is my moisturizer, I used to have Chanel's 'Hydramax active +' but after testing Biotherm's 'Aquasource non-stop' for a couple days I saw that this one worked very well on my skin too.

I also bought Eyeko's tinted cream and a liquid shimmer luminizer by Stila, especially that last one is highly recommended!

Ps 1
: I think my camera is dying, I get more non clear pictures that clear pictures everytime I use it, hmm..
Ps 2: I think we've found our dream house! I keep you posted!

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

dinsdag 26 juli 2011


I can't look at gorgeous pictures like this one anymore without feeling so sad, it's all about rain, cold and tights here in the Netherlands..

zaterdag 23 juli 2011


It's all about work, wedding and having fun in between, so blogging about fashion and related stuff is a bit difficult lately! Please forgive me! But the good news is that I've found a fabulous location for my wedding!

I will get married in Bellevue, a gorgeous, historical hotel in our hometown where the dinner and party will be! I made the first 4 pictures to give you guys an idea of how it looks like: the facade at the rear, the superbig chandelier in the entrance, a glimpse of our suite 101 présidentielle for the night and the VIP area with a stunning river view!

To relax a bit I went to Resort bad hotel Boekelo for a weekend, where my friend and I enjoyed the peace and doing nothing, so we could enjoy our evening with the nicest cocktails for the fullest with our friends from from Baltimore! The last 4 pictures will give you a nice impression.

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